Yoga for Mindfulness & Breathwork

Increased Emotional Regulation
It Paves the way for Sharper Focus
Get Experience of Feeling Connected
Reduced Anxiety, Stress and Depression
Oxygenated Blood and Better Body Function
Explore Altered states of Consciousness, Consciously

Yoga for Women Health

Cure PCOS and PCOD
Weight Loss and Flexibility
Build strength and Stamina
Manage Hormonal Imbalance
Post Covid-19 Restorative Yoga
Relief Pain from Lower Back and Shoulder

One on One (Private) Yoga Session

No distractions
Calm environment
Mindful breathing and movements
One-to-one training from an instructor
Leaves you feeling relaxed, fresh and focused
Great for people who suffer from mobility or injury

Group Yoga Sessions

Group energy
Increase mental focus
Strengthens core and arms
Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow
Learn from each other’s experiences
Develops a sense of competition

Shiv Sutra Yogshala provides online yoga classes on Google Meet & Zoom with our experienced Yoga Teachers. Start your classes with our next batch, training is suitable for yoga beginners and intermediate level students, so you can start your journey with us.

Let's Start Yoga

Meet The Real Yogis

Practice Yoga from Globally Certified Instructors

Rahul Gupta – Founder

Rahul Gupta – Founder
ERYT – 500

Swami Nath - Co-Founder

Yoga Master (BSY)

Chandni Gupta

ERYT – 200

Bhumika Hardiya

RYT – 500

Reema Arora

RYT – 500

Neha Rishi

RYT – 500